I create huge, intricate performative installations. They grow like organisms and spread out as far as they can. They are site and culture specific and form an assemblage of various everyday objects and materials already charged with meaning. I play with perception and perspective, always trying to entangle the concepts of the unfamiliar and the familiar.

My work combines elements of sculpture, installation art, performance art, video art and land art which are all meant to contaminate each other. In the process, concrete objects bring forth their own abstraction. The processes I set in motion often take on a life of their own: when I am gone, the installation will still perform. Materials will change their form and state, harden or soften.

My work aways begins with a durational performative process in mind. Process remains at the centre. Even when I build objects, the work is never about the objects, it is about the becoming of things. Time plays an important role, as does endurance. I am constantly looking for a balance between chaos and order. Beauty is on display, but is not meant to overpower.

I posit a space, shaped by me, and kept open to interpretation by way of an instability induced by performative intervention. My work tries to achieve an ever shifting balance of the very moment and eternity