In my artistic practice I explore the relationship between man and object in the contemporary world.
My starting point is Performance Art. I am interested in the performativity of material – matter we usually consider to be dead; in the performativity of objects, their very own ability to communicate with each other and with people, to produce meaning and to create their own networks. I explore the performative nature of matter and material itself.

For me things are fluid, like us human beings. We can have long, boundless conversations.

My work is a meditation on agency in the Anthropocene.

The performative installations I create are process-like landscapes, they never really stand still. They serve to set processes in motion that take on a life of their own: objects and matter perform with me, in front of me, without me. The material gives way or hardens, the installation grows, shrinks, breathes in a changing rhythm. The objects bring out their inner qualities, their surfaces break up and allow deep vibrations to emerge. They become independent performers, idiosyncratic, arbitrary, unpredictable.

My work challenges the audience through an aesthetic and life-like experience and aims to facilitate the dialogue and exchange with forms of otherness, strangeness.

Somewhere in the process the line between humans and non-humans gets blurry: that’s when things teach us how to rethink dichotomies, binarities.